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Wow I am incredible blessed. I arrived Bonaire 21 september 16pm.
Dutch goverment forbidden travel to Bonaire 22 september 11 am.
This is incredible.

Before we start to Bonaire, Lets talk about travel rules.
You need negative corona test max 72 hours before.You can do
in schipol airport But its was fully booked. and you get
results 1 day later. so its kinda tricky.
I find special health centrum in Wageningen. I paid 150
euro and they sent 1 day later result with email. awsome.
But I must warn you about test too. Because if you watch youtube,
its look like easy. yes it is easy .in 1 minute. But I cried when
they play in my noise. Its like nurse touching your brain :))

Bonaire :

I flyed from Amsterdam to Bonaire with KLM.
I love KLM but Airbus is teasing me anymore.
It was so short flight and I sit two chair alone,
still wasnt comfort. stupid design.


Taxi from airport to krandelijk is 10 dolar.
Its fix price . But i hardly found taxi.
actually we become friend with taxi driver later.
He showed me around of island and beautiful beaches.
His name is DIK . I drop here his number : +599 786 24 27

Bonaire is much small island than Aruba and Curacao.
Its like little bit Aruba and little bit Jamaica.

I stayed middle of centre in beautiful apartment.
But where ever you stay you need car. Because there is
no public transportation in Bonaire.

Bachelor beach was amazing. I mean really amazing.
I am caribbean person. I love crystal waters and calm
sea. This one is remarkable. I swimmed nonstop.

Te amo beach is also nice. But bachelor better.
Please consider there is no shade or beach bed
in both of beach.

Bonaire is not like Aruba or Curacao. You can swim
in city center. which is I did everyday chachaca beach.
Locals swim in there in mornings. But there is shades
and pier. which is I like for jumping.
Snorekeling is possible all island.

Food… mmm Food is biggest problem in caribbean islands.
and in corona time is worst. Because all restaurants are closed
or they just offer take away. total island there was 2 or 3 restaurant,
1 icecream shop and supermarket was open. maybe afew more.
But its like you walk in Death Town. sad. very sad.

Such a beautiful island. They could build crazy things ..

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