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GAMBIA (4. times)

Kotu, Kololi, Bakau, Banjul, Brikama, Sifoe, Serekunda

I cant believe in 10 years how GAMBIA changed.This trip is exactly 10 years later from my first trip.
Last 2 times we stayed hotel OCEAN BAY in bakau.Its best hotel in GAMBIA no doubt.
But I bored bargain with taxi drivers to come to Kololi.Thats why we decided to stay in kololi this year.
Also hotel OCEAN BAY price was double.So we found cheap nice hotel near kololi strip.

Its nice some one reconize me on street.They are repairing beach.Thats why we stay mostly hotel pool and chill.I dont know why
Everytime we plan to go GAMBIA I just dream about food. :)) Honestly I never eat chicken yassa in HOLLAND but I go crazy
about it when I come GAMBIA :))

We already saw banjul,fish market,paradise beach,crocodile park and senegal.We decided to go more local places see more local
people and lives.WE hired a taxi and we went sifoe dayly. People was extreme friendly and nice in there. THANKS FOR ALL.

This is what I like most on travel. See real things real people and real lives.Not bull shit on tv.

If GOD let us we want to come back next year again GAMBIA.It become regular for us to visit every september SPAIN
and every march GAMBIA 🙂 too spoil?

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