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RUSSIA (10. times)

St petersburg ( 8. times ) , Moscow ( 2. times )

Wow.. 10 times in Russia.
Russia is the second country i visit most after spain. This is my 8 times in Spb.

First thing is first. You must stay in Nevsky Prospekt If you visit St Petersburg.
Its very long boulvard. Everything is close to it. I stay near Vostaniya Area ,
Because I love shopping and eat sea food when I am in SPB. Galeria shopping center
and nice sea food restaurants near Vostaniya area.
But you must stay near the Isaac Cathedral. All the touristic and historical part of SPB near there.
No need taxi or metro. Even you dont need hoponhopoff bus which I use first day every country I visited.

From Pulkova airport to city center :

You can do many way. Bus, bus + metro.
But I recommend taxi ,just 20 euro they drop you
till your apartment door. Also you can let taxi driver call your apartment before you arrive.
which is very handy.Because St petersburg apartments are difficult to find.
Than you will earn so much time and energy.You can pay credit card for taxi outside airport.
Actually credit card and european bank cards works in everywhere in SPB.

Mostly I visit Russia Autumm or Spring Because I love visit beach destinations other months.
But you must definetly visit in summer time. Nevskt Prospekt is colourful even winter.
St Petersburg is much beautiful in summer time.

I love Russian people because they love photography and travel very much.
Also people in St petersburg are high educated. Russia is very cheap which you will
reconize first. Later you will reconize NOBODY SELL DRUGS on street.
Super modern . More than many european cities.

Only thing is sad for me; I studied nights and days to learn RUSSIAN language.
Because I wanted to speak Russian when I am in Russia.
Now almost everybody speaks english in St Petersburg .E
ven Metro and Street boardsare English :)))
And people wants to talk english with me Because they want to make practise.
Hallooo !!! I want to speak Russian. I am here for make practise :))

I will be back as much as GOD let me come this beautiful city.
Like write on my tshirts ; I LOVE SPB

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