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AVANZA bus company run tickets.Ticket office in marbella bus station.
so its better buy ticket when you arrive marbella or malaga airport you
can buy must go MARBELLA TO LA LINEA town.this is closed bus
terminal from gibraltar border.ticket like 8.5 euro one way.
just walk outside LA LINEA bus terminal than walk through to BIG ROCK
in gibraltar.Border is like 3-4 minute.You cant miss it.Pasaport control
is very easy.we cross border like in 2 minute.


I highly advice you must stay in gibraltar at least 1 day.
Ok we walked from border till CAMP BAY beach which is end of gibraltar.
But I do not suggest this.Get the bus from border to market place.
stay in cheap hotel or hostal in main street and enjoy all atractions
of gibraltar.Because go BIG ROCK,waiting line is takin time
and beach is far from main street.But bus is connected.
It was amazing experince.who made CAMP BAY beach is very great person.
Its not like sandy beach but who cares,there is great swimming pool.
nice view,toilets,showers..etc

Main street full with shops.Thats why I said you must stay more than a day.
Kinda uk cities old towns.So many shops.I know even men will like alot.

I think I will be back gibraltar .I couldnt enjoy enough beach
and city town.

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