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CURACAO (2. times)

Playa kalki, playa forti, grote knip, kleine knip,
playa jeremi, playa lagun, playa santa cruz,playa cas abou, playa porto marie,
mambo beach, playa jan thiel,oostpunt, punda, otrobanda,

Incredible, Incredible lucky journey again.
I cant go Belgium or Germany But I could go caribbean So I jumped plane.
Everything was nice .Restaurants open till 8pm. Sea was amazing as always.
I swim , swim and swim.

End the way back; Cabin Crew said Curacao Locked Down by Dutch goverment.
Wow.. if i stay 1 more day, I could locked down in island or I need 10 days house quarentine.
Thats why I do not suggest travel these days even your are travel addicted like me.
But honestly I spent very nice time in Beautiful Curacao and spoke papiamentu.
This was my second time

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