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Anton played basketball during his high school and collage years.
He was also the top scorer in the inter-departmental football tournament
at the university.

He completed his first universty degree in microbiology.
After that he began to work as a doorman in discoteques and bars.
He worked for this job 16 years.

Anton lived for a short time first in Brazil and later in Phuket Thailand.
His cousin, a great businessman, helped him a lot during this period.

For Anton, his grandfather is the most important person in life.
His grandfather who is a great tomato and cotton merchant has
always helped Anton since childhood.

Anton loves to swim and travel.
He swim regularly.

He has visited 76 countries and some of them many times so far.

Anton also studied Russian at the Radboud Universty in Nijmegen,The Netherlands.

He knows Russian Language at naar B1 degree.

Papiamentu A2, Spannish A1, and Portuguese A1

Anton is a tight supporter Flamengo football team from his
years in Brazil.

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