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BRASIL (2. times)


wow.. Almost 20 years ago I was in brasil.I knew that I will be back because brasillian people
was so friendly.
Normally we go every march to GAMBIA. but when I see super deal for brazil, I didnt want to loose chance.
Flight was direct from amsterdam to fortaleza with KLM airlines.It was amazing flight. Sits are very comfort.
A330 my favorite plane anymore.Because I am tall man, sits are very important for me.Ice cream in plane was top.
Also personal was suprisly amazing good.

anyway ; from fortaleza airport to go cumbuco is 1 hour.but very comfort trip.
first thing is first.If you are couple, cumbuco is best.If you are single I suggest you must stay in fortaleza
expecially BEIRA MAR AREA..

CUMBUCO : our hotel was top.location is unbeatable.10 mt from beach and 3 minute to city center.
owner is dutch man.STEVE was super friendly.
It was raining alot but raining in night or mornings .so all afternoons u can enjoy beautiful and hot sun.
I think I got sun burn :))



Bus station cumbuco was near our hotel. Bus is going to fortaleza center. not beira mar.But no problem.
You can still walk and see all atractions in fortaleza.Bus ticket cost 7.95 RS.. (2 euro) one way.
journey more than 1 hours.Buses are aircondationed.
you can buy ticket in bus.
my suggestion is ; go fortaleza with bus and come back with taxi.
taxi is 80 RS (20 euro). just 30 minute drive from beira mar to praia cumbuco.and road is super nice.
beach side.


when you get in fortaleza bus from cumbuco, you must get out when you see big CATHEDRAL.
my advice just sit behind ticket seller boy and tell him you want to get out central mercado.


check google street view before start walk.Actually is very easy we didnt even ask someone adress.
Between central mercado and cathedral there is a street. Follow road till you get MONSENHOR TABOSA AV.
than walk to down streets till you find beach.point to TALLEST APARTMENT in fortaleza.Its right on the
BEIRA MAR AV. (iracema beach).

It was non stop raining when we were in fortaleza.It didnt bother us.we spent very nice time.
Brazillian people are so friendly.They dont speak english.But you can learn portuguese in 1 week.
I think most easy language in world.In two weeks I was talking like A2 degree :))

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