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BOSNIA (2. times)


wow I was 20 years ago zenica,sarajevo and tuzla.
Its so long time and here I am in sarajevo again.
I feel little bit old :))But its nice to see sarajevo
become modern.

sarajevo old town is beautiful.there are alot of turkish restaurants.
Becareful, food is delicious and you can get extra size :))

There is direct bus from airport to BASCARSIJA.
just get out airport and turn left.Company name is
CENTROBUS i think.

Cable car bring you till mountains hill.
I highly recommed this.We stayed in 2 days in sarajevo.
It was just perfect.Nighttime bascarsija is beautiful.
Alot of can sit and watch all tourist walkin
which there are

Bus sarajevo to mostar :

Bus station little bit far from old town.Its on holiday inn hotel side.
There is tram (number 1) near SEBIL bring you till train station.
Than you must walk 100 metre more for bus station.
Taxi from old town to bus station is 5 euro.

sarajevo to mostar journey 2 hour 30 minute.ticket is 11 euro.
Becareful there are beggar gang full with kids
in sarajevo and mostar bus stations.they are annoying alot
and No one say them anything.


Finally we are in beautiful MOSTAR.
So beautiful place.Definetly you must see in your life time
at least once.
Bus station is out of centrum but to go old town from bus station
is walkin distance.Just walk outside bus station.Walk through to
small bridge and
before small bridge there is small street name is LUCINA .
Walk down street till you see WORLD FAMOUS MOSTAR bridge.
Than you are in old town.

I swim on river but becareful water is tough.So beautiful view
near mostar bridge.People jumpin water.its just amazing.
Bring with you quallty wide angle photo and video equipment.
Views of mostar is amazing.But I liked night time more.
Walkin in tight stone streets and feel history.
Alot of cafes,restaurants and gift shops.

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