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Bus From Prague Airport to City Center :

There is direct bus from Prague Airport to City Center ( central train station)
Bus name is AE (airport express). Its on terminal 1.
If you arrive terminal 2 , no problem.
From terminal 2 to terminal 1 is walkin distance like 5 minute.
You can buy ticket from bus driver .Cost 60 czech koruna.
Journey like 30 minutes.when you arrive central station,
jump on elivator and go ground floor. Wenceslas Square or Jindrisska Tower is
just 5 minute far.Than you are in middle of city.


Prag, prag, prag !!!!

Its in my 5 times in this beautiful and romantic city.
Funny thing, My every visit I discover new spots I never saw before.
Definetly you need minimum 2 or 3 days.
And I know many people like me, visit more than once.
Everybody things prague is famous with night life or girls.
But so wrong. Prague is very romantic city.Expecially nights.
I highly recommend for couples.This is my first time I didnt come alone.
We spent amazing time. I hope I will be back summer again.
I want to visit Brno too.

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