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There is a direct bus service from Kutaisi Airport to Batumi.
Bus company name is Georgian Bus.
You can get the ticket from the website or directly from the Office
inside of airport.Only credit card and Lari avaliable ,
Dolar and Euro are not accepted.
Bus is not leaving without all passengers leaving the airport.
Round trip cost around 8 euro.The journey takes around 2 hours.
Point of arrival in Batumi is front of Radisson Blu hotel.
Right in the center.


If you listen to people who went to Batumi before, They all say
two days in enough to see all Batumi.Absoulutely not true.
Batumi is much larger than you can imagine.Do not try to finish
the boulevard on foot.I recommend renting a bike or motor.
All you need to be careful about is the weather.
If the weather is sunny there is a great atmosphere.
If the weather is rainy you can get a massage.I am not a
massage person.But believe me,
even in Thailand there arent many thai massage parlors :))

Let`s talk about the sea :

Yes, The beach is covered with stones.You definitely need special
slippers.But the sea water is hot.Isn`t that the most important thing?
After the pier the sea is a bit choppy.But on the beach near Ali and Mimo,
The sea is very calm.

we`re definitely thinking of coming back again.But Batumi airport
not Kutaisi Airport.

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