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Sunny Beach – Bulgaria 🇧🇬



Beautiful Bulgarian black sea coast. Normally we always come like end of June.
But this year because of borders was closed, We came end of July and First week
August. It was insane busy. wow.. Almost busy like Budva.. I am not sure maybe more.

I love sunny beach. Who created this city after GOD, very smart person.
Everything is handy. Beach, restaurants, bars and transportation are so easy.
My hotel was incredible silence even middle of city center and busy traffic road.

I think because of experince , I did good plan. and it worked well till I met greedy
and shameless a taxi driver end of trip 🙁

First thing is first. You need PCR test to enter Bulgaria. And they are checkin it.
Not like italy. From Burgas airport to Sunny beach center to taxi like 33 euro.
I booked special driver by moozio But service was bad. I do not recommend.

Generally in Sunny beach hotels are cheap. and nice.But I suggest
stay in city center. Hotel must be near Kuban Hotel. Because Sunny Beach is
famous with outsite life. Not like Egypt. so hotel is not big deal. Because
there is a boulvard near sea and thousands shops. you cant walk till end.
I tried till flower street to Magestic hotel. My foots are over :))

Beach is nice. High season can be dirty because so busy. But in june is clean.
Bed and Umbrella like 5 euro. But I am not sure about that. Because all beach
personal knows me. Maybe they are making discout to me. But I always give them tip.

If you go beach or Club, Always there must be a person you know well. Because everything
can be happen, rubbery or fight or even over price. But Bulgaria generally safe.
People friendly and price are fixed. Only becareful taxi drivers. Actually you dont even
need taxi.If you stay in center. everywhere you can go with bus. Aquapark,varna,nessebar… etc

Everytime I come here, I enjoy more. But you mustnt visit hight season. It was incredible busy.
I mean insane. Too many people. Its nice for business. I am happy Bulgarians earns money.
They deserves that. They are really nice.

See you next summer, If GOD let me..


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