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I was planing to go Cape Verde,
Luckly I saw we are able to travel Gambia again after 2 years.
we mean people who vaccineted 2 time fizer.
you dont need PCR test to enter than.

I couldnt believed that how much I missed chicken Yassa .
2 years long time. Normally I always go Gambia like March.
I came first time in November. It was amazing busy. Plane was full.
I even wanted to change my return flight and stay more than 12 days.
But All planes was full. I think I am not the only one who missed Gambia.

Ok. lets talk about changes.

Gambia is getting more modern everyyear. Senegambia Road has so many
new restaurants and clubs .. They are all full night time.
I like to go every bar and drink one. so I start Hard Rock,CHOOSAN
than Vogue, than TIMING.
2 RAYS restaurant open till 6am. everynight we drank mushroom soap 3 am.
it was awsome.

Choosan also opened beach bar end of senegambia road. Its look like
POKO LOKO beach club. i love both. mostly I was in poko loko.

only sad thing, When I was timing bar, A senegalese pickpocket gang stole my wallet.
After securities and I forced criminals, we got my wallet back.
I am so lucky. It could be worse.because gambia only workin VISA card.
and it was in my wallet.

I love TIMING and CHOOSAN OWNERS and personals. they always support me.
and treat me like king.

I will be back. AS GOD AS LET ME.



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