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Puglia - Italy 🇮🇹

Wow , After 8 months We are back to travel again.
I feel good already :))
Lets talk about documents before you travel Italy ;
All you need to fill form online locator and negative
pcr test. Actually antigen test also enough but I did
Pcr test. Because prices became 89 euro from 159 euro.

Nobody check your documents in Eindhoven airport
either in Italy. Because when you book your flight
or online check in, You must upload document airlines
website. Beware Locator document more than 5mb.
So you much online resizer that document. Very easy

PUGLIA, PUGLIA… I love it .. Otranto & Gallipoli.
This is my 7th times in Italy and Second time
in Puglia region. My experince Italy is so hot
in summer time. So I didnt want to walk huge
cities under hot sun.
I booked taxi from Brindisi to OTRANTO.
its 79 euro , 1 hour 10 minute journey.
But I earned so much time. Because If you go
yourself with train and bus, journey is 3 hours
and you must walk in lecce from station to
central point which was tricky.

OTRANTO : Beautiful place and amazing sea view.
Beach is calm and clear water. There is a boulvard
which is more busy and colourful nights. Luxury
sea food restaurants and even super cheap street food places.
Its perfect for everybody. I hardly saw tourist Mostly was locals.
But it was very busy. People hardly speak english, But it didnt bother me.
Everytime I go Italy I learn more words :))
I suggest stay longer 2 or 3 days in Otranto.

I will be back definetly, If GOD let me.




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