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Actually I should go russia for photoshoot.But when I saw cheap flights to MEXICO,I didnt want to miss it.
My flight was from amsterdam to varadero cuba and later landed to CANCUN.

Here I am. Cancun…. I wanted to come here so long time ago.Because I saw alot beach party on GEORDIE SHORE programe :))
But Honestly Cancun is not like on tv.So many Red flags on beach.Too much locals on beach.
My advice go cozumel or playa del carmen directly.


sooo many shops,restaurants and masage salons on main street.I went MAMITAS BEACH CLUB. beach bed and umbrealla is 200 pesos.
Trust me even this price,It was amazing busy.I was lucky I came early hours.Later got so busy and full.Nice place.
But still sea water was dirty.and afternoon sea become ruff.

I want to come back MEXICO again.I want to see TULUM and I want to go BELIZE too with bus.


I came first playa del carmen with ADO bus.Ferry port is very close to bus station.There are so many ferry ticket sellers.
Dont pay more than 150 pesos.And the way back is 100 pesos.Ferry was so comfort.
You can see beautiful seaside. Was super cool.I stayed cozumel centrum .I loved cozumel alot.Looks so safe and people not pressure alot.

But there is no beach in centrum.I went paradise beach club.10 dolar with taxi.3 dolar entrance.But it worth every penny.
Beach is white sand.But sea water is dirty.Not like other caribbean countries.
Everywhere is walking distance in COZUMEL centrum.So many shops for cruise tourist.


I stayed near bus station because I was planing to go playa del carmen with bus.There is bus company name ADO.Transportation is so easy in mexico.
There are left lugage offices in bus stations.That was so comfort.You must stay in HOTEL ZONE (near LOCO BONGO CLUB) in CANCUN
Everything is in there.All tourist atractions,restaurants,bars and nightlife.

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