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MALDIVES (2. Times)

I will never forget airport police asked me why are you coming second time? :))

First trip I stayed male near harbour I thought its easy to access all islands.
But it wasnt good idea because male town you cant swim. only one beach avaliable ,
and thats one used by locals.But night time swim was so nice.
we went many island from male.Sea transportation is easy and cheap.

In male town taxi is same price where ever you go.very good news for a person who got rip off by taxi
drivers in almost all over world :))


Second trip I stayed here. 1 euro from
airport and male town too.
Right on the beach .Hotel was small but there was very nice and cheap
restaurant under. Hulhumale is getting bigger and bigger.Beach is very clean. But so many instructur
workers on hulhumale island. they are watching people who swim. strange 🙁

warning : Ladies cant swim with bikini on island.

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