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La Habana, Varadero – Cuba 🇨🇺

Wow Almost 10 years I was in Cuba last time.
This is not normal 🙂

let talk about covid first.

Covid 19 rules in Cuba january 2021 :

You must wear mask. Non stop everywhere.
Restaurants are open. But Nightclubs are closed.
I never see a country people wear mask this much.
Cuba is serious about covid.


La Habana :

La Habana is much modern and busier from last time I saw.
I stayed again near hotel plaza. If you consider night clubs are closed.
expecially second floor of havana libre hotel, no need to stay near vedado.

But I heard “ primera 70 “ club is open in miramar.

Sadly you cant use Cuban pesos in many stores. They accept only
Us dollar or Credit card.

Curency in CUBA :

there is huge difference between banks
and public currency.
if you change your money in hotel or bank ,
1 euro is like 23 pesos.

but if you change money in streets.
in varadero
1 euro : 80 pesos

in la habana i heard
1 euro like 85 pesos

its crazy.. I changed to much money.
I came back home with 3800 pesos.
its like 150 euro. And there is no way to get
back euro..

Cuban pesos only works in Cuba 🙁

Varadero :

I came in january in Varadero. I knew its not summer. But flight and hotel was so cheap.
Luckly weather was amazing and I enjoy beautiful beach and sea.

I think for Varadero 3 days more than enough.

I love La habana very much. This was my 3rd time.
I love to walk streets and smell history.
I will be back again. Hope this time I can go other cities as well.


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