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ITALY (6. times)

SICILY (palermo, Mondello, Catania)

I knew they will lockdown all borders soon, Thats why I wanted to swim last time before summer end. I looked all touristic places weather and discovered; Sicily is still hot.

But I needed covid test. Italy is doing this free in airport. But in Milan. I didnt see test in palermo airport. I liked mondello very much. People stays in Palermo and go dayly Mondello.I think its very wrong. You must stay in Mondello near beach and go day trip to Palermo. Mondello beach was amazing. Clear and calm sea water. I swimmed all day. Non stop. I thanked GOD ALOT .

I went Catania with train. 3.5 hours. It was comfort trip. But other side of Sicily; Weather wasnt nice. it rained non stop.

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