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If you read all travel blogs or portals ; everybody says israel people is not friendly and airport police asking alot questions
I wanted to see this with my own eyes.Thats why I love travel.You see real things with your own eyes.Ok thats true. Israel people is not friendly.
But its not totaly negative.Because they dont tease you or disturb you too.So not so bad.They are not just spontanes people.
Ok thats true.Police in airport asking so many questions.But they didnt ask me anything :)I think they just questioning single travellers.I wasnt alone.Maybe thats why .
Only end the way back ; a security girl asked some stupid questions. It was funny because I discovered she is a rookie.And I joked with her little bit 🙂
Travel to 70 country makes me little bit snob I think :)) SORRY ABOUT THIS.Lets talk about ovda airport first.Its not airport.
its most look like a sport saloon.I think far from eilat more than 1 hour.But bus drivers are so fast.We came to eilat like 45 min

Bus 282 is just outside airport.You can buy ticket from bus driver.But only israeli money accepted.Because of taxi price are too high.
people are so disrespectful on bus line.No one cares line.They jumping infront of line when bus arrive.Sadly 99 percent was female.
Funny thing is ; If bus is full .They are sending next bus.So everybody can get in.I dont want to talk about this more.
People mades me so angry on bus line.Expecialy on the way back from eilat bus station to ovda airport. Lets talk nice things about EILAT.

Eilat is suprisely big.And modern.There is very nice boulvard near beach.Its busy and colurful day and night.
There is little stones in beginning beach but mostly sandy.Most nice thing is sea temperature is high.I swim everyday.
If you compare with cyprus,I couldnt swim there even in may.Also sun is low on eilat.Even january is quite hot.I wonder how it is after may :))

You must be really carefull about food in eilat.Prices are stupidly expensive.I think most expensive country I visited.Worse than norway.
WIFI is free almost all town.Public toilets are very clean and modern.

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