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Before we talk about CABO VERDE, lets talk about VISA first.You need visa to enter CABO VERDE.If you go with tour operators,
they manage it for you and cost is only 25 euro.But you must book your flight at least 7 days before enter the island.If you book your flight
least than 5 days before enter island,you can get visa in border.But I do not recomment this because I saw so big line on border .

We stayed in SAL island santa maria beach area.VILA VERDE apartments.It was modern buildings .you never feel you are in africa.
SAL is like small town of PORTUGAL.You dont feel you are in africa.People so calm.Nobody tease you accept 1 taxi driver .Like all countries ;
taxi drivers annoying.But there is fix no problem at all.

We went all island tour.It was amazing experince.You must definetly bring your swim clothes and towel.Because you have chance to swim between cliffs and SALINAS salt fabric.Beautiful.

Nights are windy.You must bring definetly small jacket.No rain in the island ,maybe once a year.Next time I want to visit santiago and boa vista islands too.
But there is no ferry.You must use airlines only. 🙁

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