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BULGARIA (6. times)

Sunny Beach (5. times), Varna (2. times), Nessebar (2. times), Sofia


yeahh. Finally we can travel again. After long quarentina days.
This is my third time in sunny beach and 4rd time in Bulgaria.

Before I start to talk about sunny beach I want to talk about beach
of sunny beach 🙂

Totaly sandy and expecially mornings very calm. Water is clear more than
many west european touristic places.I love swim here. I swimm till late
hours even you can swimm nights.Very nice.

Sunny Beach is very big if you compare other touristic place.
But this time was quired because of pandemi.Only Dutch tourist and
local tourist. I still enjoy great time . weather was like 30-34
and with breeze ..

Nobody tease me or try to rip me off in old town. people very friendly
expecially when I speak russian.

I will be back If GOD let me.


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