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Albufeira – Portugal 🇵🇹

As many of you knows that, Normally these days I go to Russia.
But because of pandemic and border closed, I couldnt go almost 2 years.
So i was planing to go Malta or Palermo. But weather was bad those places.

Suddenly I saw in Albufeira is weather is beautiful. I was portugal 4 times
before. This is my 5 times in Portugal and 4th times in beautiful Albufeira.

There is many companies has transport service from Faro airport to
Albufeira direct. Journey like 50 minutes and cost like 32 euro one way.

Lets talk about Albufeira,
Its second half of october. Most touristic towns in europe are over .But
Albufeira was so busy. I never saw English and Irish
tourists in a touristic town this much long years.
I think they just start to able to travel.
Weather was so hot for october.
I swim nicely. Water was cold in the beginning
but later become so nice.

I will definetly back, If GOD let me ofcourse.
I love this place.


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