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Durres :

We came Durres with bus from ohrid. Road was ok and bus droped us on the beach of durres.
We spent so nice day on beach. Beware !!! Beach is amazing busy with locals.

and also to go Tirane is difficult. Or you must go durres central bus station and catch bus
or you will do like us , you will go with taxi.
Also another problem : There are so least taxi in Durres beach area .. We researched almost
1 hour.

Tirane :

We stayed near bus station. Because we had bus to catch next day to Kosovo.
Tirane bus station is tricky..Behind the basketball saloon.You need to ask people.
People is helping all the time.
Tirane is suprisly so modern. So many cafes and restaurants.
I didnt feel anything negative.
We spent very nice moments in Durres beach and Tirane city.
Highly recommend.

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