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Costa Brava – Spain 🇪🇸





Actually I was planning to go Malta. Malta just became yellow second week August.
Than I decided to go Costa Brava. As you know Spain expecially Costa Brava is
our second home. we visited here like 13 times. But because of covid we couldnt
come last 2 summer.

Normally we buy cheap ticket anywhere costa brava. And book cheap hotel
and go all over costa brava. Day by day. Town by Town.and we come
also normally september. Because no children that perriod and not so hot.
this is my second time I come here in high season.

Lets talk about LLORET first ; It was amazing busy. I was waiting more empty
because of covid. No, its was super busy and hot. Mostly french tourist.
probably they came with car. There is not so much flight option to come
costa brava like old days.
I also visited TOSSA DE MAR and BLANES. TOSSA was extreme busy.
Also if you go from LLORET to TOSSA, they made bus once a hour.
Bus ticket is cheap but turn back was kindy risky.
so I turned back to Lloret with taxi. cost 25 euro.
Personally I like Blanes more than TOSSA AND LLORET.
Sea water is more calm.I love it. There was also market on beach.
Also there was not so many topless local granny this time :))

from Blanes to Lloret taxi is 15 euro .

I highly recommend COSTA BRAVA. you must come like 10 or 15 days
and make round trip. and rent car. you ll not regret.


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